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Gayle Eskanos is the Color Imagineer of Outside Purple, a private art framing studio with hundreds of unique framing choices in stock and thousands more available. All framing, matting and assembly is done personally by Gayle in her studio. Her low overhead is passed along to you with no sacrifice in unique quality. Gayle’s natural eye for color sees a color in a piece of art or photo that dominates the design, even though that color may not be heavily used in the piece. Gayle understands the power of shades and tones and how two colors create a third. 

Outcome Clothing

Outcome Clothing - Creating a Fashion Statement In Street Wear. Outcome was founded By Shane Coles in 2012 with the goal of affordable luxurious streetwear while also building a community and inspiring everyone to "Choose Your Own Outcome". Relaunched in July of 2018, Outcome is an uncapped brand that is influenced by all lifestyles. Now it's time to Choose Your Outcome.

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The Social Media Advisor Team is overseen by Hollie Clere. We have a strong Team of Professionals who provide the excellent support to our clients at the standards that Hollie and Jeremy have for their business. After owning their own back office support business for the last 10+ years, finding ways to market their niche to a specific industry made for an interesting adventure. With the launch of social media, they quickly found ways to connect with, stay in contact with and maintain relationships with potential and existing clients. Documenting the process in a workbook called, "Social Media in Telecommunications", later publishing it in 2011, the focus of the team is education, brand building, social content marketing and business building for their clients.

Developer of this website. Strategic business planning and streamlined marketing is king in a climate of disruptive startups. It doesn’t matter if you’re the fast-paced upstart or the established business looking for consistent growth, we’ll help optimize your processes and streamline your communication. We’ll train your team to be nimble while communicating effectively. Your business goals are achievable with Marketing Progress. Jeff Milton is the President of Marketing Progress and makes your success his personal commitment. 


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